Random sentences, and a reference to a very good topic in a Op-Ed at the end: canceling culture.

Berkeley, Wednesday, October 13, 2021 3:15 Pm

Recalling from memory, the prior post where I made reference to reading sources over a period of time was more or less accurate, more less I rather would say than more or less.

Thankfully, I’ve like reading in many occasions of my life and more and more over time. I have to confess that it was not a born habit, but it became better since high school, and then at different occasions in my life. I say different occasions, perhaps because of either making the habit or the time for it. I also guess than in my occasions of my life, and incredible over recent months TV became a disruptor of good habits.

Regardless the case, the habit of reading newspapers goes back to early childhood. Finally, understanding technical books might count as reading as well, though there is nothing more heart warming and brain enlightening than a good piece of literature navigating unexpected situations, hooking oneself to keep reading, and learning with it a social situation, or learning more about oneself, or or just consuming oneself time with unexpected purposes and conclusions, which by then feel than actually one has grow a little bit more, because reading it was a joy.

The above was side note to clarify random thoughts from a previous post.

The following, and because of the current time, and because I also need to actually finish something for my own work, is about newspapers and America.

I wanted to get this though out of my head, and print out somewhere, so I decided to do it in here.

While of course several west European countries have achieved excellent levels of quality of life, with outstanding transportation options, healthy habits, good environmental practices, and I think with plenty of good health quality options, as well with decent or very good good education, many of these aspects of progress stand out and likely are better than in the United States, where the social revolution continues to shape. I wish it will continue that path for long. What I mean is while social well fare in other countries in the world are better than in the United States, there is one particular thing in the USA than I believe is much better than any other: free choice, freedom of thought, and being not that afraid to express oneself. Of course, over centuries brave heart leaders have been all over the world, and in those shaking up moments, something happens, and it has happened in Europe, likely in the past, I am not there so I do not know how is the freedom over there.

I also agree with Chesterton and his Orthodoxy master piece, where he stated that freedom has it limits. And yes, of course there are many things we cannot do. Basic ten commandments has lasted for more than fourth thousand years in shaping many cultures around the word, which later where simplified just in two commandments two thousand years ago.

In any case, liberalism seems that often regulates itself over progress time. I was delighted today to read a progressive Op-Ed written, Bret Stephens for the New York Times, raising her voice against cancelling culture, amplifying the defense to several professors or academics who seem cannot say what they think, because otherwise they will be cancelled.

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