Thoughts on keeping this site

Berkeley, Thursday September 30, 2021 9:30 PM

Having a site like this one, where I post sometimes does not make any sense, and perhaps even has shied away some people from either become friends or to get close.

Having a site to lay out my misbehaviors is not the best kind of CV that one would like to have.

Writing for no one, which means procrastinating many of important activities, but perhaps using my heart and keep my mind active, during a moment that I do not necessarily feel like working or doing any other of the responsibilities that I have to do, for either cleaning my place, etc. would not be that bad.

Sometimes when I am in front of the computer alone at my place alone, I might end up streaming a series, TV show, a video, or rarely an adult video.

So better to keep my mind active and enlightened, or growing hopefully with some wisdom, that comes for writing down my thoughts.

Of course, I write much more sincere thoughts or at least more detailed experiences and thoughts in my own journal, but somehow I also have a sense of responsibility and of public accountability, which even if I am embarrassed myself from many of this first draft, running-on sentences stories, they provide me additional accountability that I need.

It can be over the years of been sitting on a student desks where I am required to produce words that make sense, that I also have evolved as a reader. As an engineering student, or perhaps just as myself, I was not necessarily a man of letters, with few exceptions over the years. I did read some nice novels in my fourth year in the engineering school. I didn’t books outside of my technical field, beyond exceptions of reading the bible, and a confusing book, I think it was Kissing Dating Goodbye during my master program. I wonder why I didn’t date during those two years of my master program. I read an old couple of non-fiction book about the Inca Empire, I perhaps didn’t read it completely, during my year and a half of applying my profession after the master program. So must of the focus was on reading technical material, textbooks, which I also thought. Well I finished reading the bible after those years, which was great. I read again the new testament recently. I might not repeat it again, unless I need to teach it or refer to something specific.

While I might still read books slowly, a boom of having novels or any other book, non related to my discipline or to rivers, came perhaps since 2019, and it feels good. It feels so good, but I really need to engage on the book, to not get distracted with streaming. There are plenty of good things to stream by the way. Perhaps, as I found a new thing I really get into it. Not less and less, I wish. Currently, watching time by time, The Morning Show. I think I watched the first season almost all at once, last year, perhaps.

A silly point I wanted to make is that books look smaller somehow now, than they look years ago to me, and easier to navigate. I am reading a book that I need to return, which I was borrowed, believe or not, in Summer 2018, but I never made time to read or prioritize it to read it. Always came something else. Well this is closest to my discipline. It is writing by a journalist. I do like journalist. I think they are brave people, but hopefully they are truthful as well. Perhaps one thing I have not changed, and rather keep increased that I read newspapers, particularly the Op-Eds, but if there is a good story as I skim through the daily newspapers I stop to read it or sometimes sharing with someone to who I think that story is relevant. A bad sad of reading a borrowed is that I don’t think I can write margin notes, underline, comment, respond to author, question a sentence, etc. But I cannot return a book without reading, unless it is a library book, which I borrowed for something specific. I used to do plenty of that. And somehow, I lost five books. I think that happened in Fall 2018, but I paid the consequences recently. A learned lessons to try to keep things under control as much as possible. Anyways, I am reading now A River Lost, The Life and Death of the Columbia [River]. An intersting couple of starting 29 pages so far. Will see. Before this one a read the Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell.

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