Writing in the middle of the day

Berkeley, Friday, July 23, 2021 1:38 PM

This is not productive writing of course, but sometimes the change of routine within the same domain of things could keep skills developing.

To a large audience like this one I can share couple of things such as I have become less heart warm, however, I do not think that once never dies to his own character. I keep trying to realize the ways to complete tasks, with full attention on them. I am writing right now next to an open yard, perhaps 30 feet away from people who I kind of appreciate. You can ask me about it. Perhaps the key word is temporal.

I came back few minutes ago from meeting a friend and eating a sandwich lunch with a glass of red wine from Torino, which tasted great, in a restaurant in Elmwood. One of couple of meetings with a Colombian friend, who came to Berkeley for a short visit.

Perhaps, it is not the best idea to have a drink in the middle of weekday, despite is Friday, but was good.

In the middle of this perhaps quiet life, where you can see confidence has to rebuild again, the clear example of decrease is the use of words perhaps, might be, etc. In any case, what I was saying is that oddly it will be a busy social Friday. So before 5 PM, I need to get few word done, plan some reading for my next 80 minutes trip to the place of the next activity for which I am using bike and public transport. Long time after not using it, but in addition that I love the logistics of public transport and using it, [a distraction, I was expecting a message for a kind of business, so i checked the phone, then my mind just went to another place, and even checked something quick online, did I? I am not sure at this point. In any case I read a standard announcement message was there, and I loss my focus of the continuity of thought]. It is better to have the [oh I checked the phone again] phone turned off when I am working. It is impressive all the distractions I have let get into my life since July 2020, and perhaps a bit earlier, but it was definitely bad since November 2020.

I will mention as well a little bit about my health. My sleeping schedule has become irregular and late. One of the things I hate most it is to wake up late, and it has happened often. On January 2020, I was so foolish to follow a dentist advice of getting a filling, after perhaps she broke a small part of the tooth of it, and getting a kind of night guard, of whatever is the name for a plastic stupid thing she said I needed in my teeth in the nights. What about if I am camping, etc. A more wild natural person like myself hates any artificial thing on my body, and hates the wrong doing which happened for it. In any case it will be in the past after filling in the claim.

I really do not know if I have developed any limitations, after the hit on my head. But regardless the case, I am still alive, with energy, which can be better, and so I just need to get back on directing my focus on commitments as I have usually have done. Of course this can be less exciting for many, but that is actually how community, science, among many other developments advance without major breakaways. Partially sure about the later one.

I am thinking to work for hours next, rather than for product. I just report products by the way, so hours will be my own report. It is just because of the urgent need of structure.

It seems some disruption happened with my liver. So the source of the brain and liver issues, I have not figured out yet, and I will try, time by time continue to figuring out. They are not stopping from anything, besides I have gained 20 pounds in 16 months, equalizing my highest weight since 2005: 160 lb. It can not be higher, I am officially fat. While I am exercising, it could be something with a partial liver abnormality or more likely with my hours of sleep.

There is a lot to do, and I of course not giving up to any goal, habit correction, life, activeness, intellectual journey, and to get to bed early, but for now I need a short nap, to do work then, before my next time to leave.

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