Writing while on still productive hours for a student

Berkeley, Thursday, July 22, 2021 5:45 PM

I really do not know if real people would read this kind of posts on this hard to find website. It is definitely a bad idea just to write without specific publishing goals. It is also a bad idea to write personal descriptions of my life online. [For not reason, I interrupted my thinking process, and made a google search by name of an ex-girlfriend. There are many similar names, I didn’t go into details, I was just wandering what could be of her life, perhaps because recently I was asked about her, but I didn’t make click in any of the links of Google, I came back to write in here].

It is 6:53 PM. I had an important meeting today, but besides that I haven’t done too much work, so I need to catch up.

One can be vulnerable to public embarrassment while writing here, and of course, no one seems to like personal details of others people lives within a professional environment. [Other interruption. I had the compulsive reaction to check an e-mail from a friend to understand better a scenario. I didn’t go into the details. Then I actually did something I forgot to do before. I added to my calendar, something I planned for tomorrow morning, and checked again if was there something I have planned for the afternoon].

I have a year to finish my dissertation project, other projects, and move forward with more things.

It is terrible to see how slow I am writing now. Regardless details of it, [wow, at the end, I end up writing a letter e-mail of greetings to a friend. What has happened with my focus and attention to finish a thing?]

Well, it would be until the next time to write some work reflections in here. The transparent and the clearer I can be the best works and progress I do, and I could even enlighten. The cleaning process of potential dark sites, which I do not even what dark sites means, but I do think I understand, and of course I have as well, comes with writing of then, and if they are public, somehow the cleaning process is even better.

I would love to keep writing here, but I need to give another walk to the dog I am dog sitting, and to buy blueberries, berries, avocado, apples, etc in Monterrey Market, and NY ribeye steak, halibut fish, Sonoma yogurt, oats, etc in Andronico’s. There you go, too much details again.

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