Random thoughts. But need to restart fighting back at some point

Berkeley, Sunday, July 11, 2021 3:11 PM

I, of course, feel I should be writing again some aspects of how I do invest my time or from what I am thinking among more in this public, very hard, to find space.

Unfortunately, I have lost plenty of control on my time tracking use, still few unclear decisions about one aspect of dissertation, I lost confidence after at unnecessary filling was set on my tooth, but particularly I lost some confidence because of the potential scam, which I need to make time to solve it. I have disrupted my sleeping scheduling and habits.

While I think I am getting much more familiar with many of the American culture, much more familiar with the life of the streets, streets names, parks, landscape, history, news, my work is getting behind. Is that a motivation problem?

I am getting behind in some projects with weeks and even months in others.

Life is great, I know that this is a random comment, but it is also serious in terms of skills and responsibilities.

I believe, one quality I have, I am a very honest person. If I trust in the other person, I sometimes might end up talking too much, particularly if I haven’t talk in a while. While I rebuild my confidence back, and my invest my time with less distractions, which of course, I will explain here… I have to sleep now. [Sorry to myself for writing that unfinished quote].

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