Oak Park

Berkeley, Monday, June 14, 2021 1:18 PM

I do not have enough background for the following, just the knowledge of two big names, from who, I admire very much one of them, read one of his books 13 years ago, and I have many of the books from both of them staring at me to be read soon in my bookcase.

Ernest Hemingway lived for some years(?), grew up(?) in Oak Park, as Frank Lloyd Wright did as well.

Hemingway, however, did not write compliments about his home town. Though many have forgiven Papa, his nickname, still he might get some bad reactions there. i do not know about those stories, yet Hemingway still is one of my favorite authors.

With regard to the other famous citizen from Oak Park, the well know architect Frank Lloyd Wright, I do not have anything else to add know, so this post was about the simple fact that both of them either are from or lived for some years, and I guess at different times, in Oak Park, and in the same neighborhood.

The case for Lloyd Wright for me is still name recognization, as I became more familiar with the architectural world since 2016.

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