The silenced people

Berkeley, Wednesday, May 25, 2021, 1:40 PM

I guess it is very complicated to be an amateur musician and a student, and or a music aficionado and an apartment tenant. So this is for these silenced people!

Beyond the rules we need to agree in our leases for rent, I guess studios and small apartments, which usually are about not being loud and where there are some musical instruments, which are banned, or which require special permits, such as pianos, there is of course the guilt finally when one finally ones to discharge and plays rock in a high voltage volume and sings with it. Of course such ecstasies, energy, and satisfaction could last just one, two, three and might be no more than five songs, before someone shuts you up, which has not happened to me, or before I realize what I have been doing, but feels good.

Rules, and beyond rules cooperation, to be in silence makes sense! Academic and not academic people, but particularly academics, need a quiet space to work, read, write, or even to meet.

I, myself, have been in a writing group for weeks now, for four hours in a day, during which I wanted zero distractions outside from my short breaks, and of course no acoustic distractions, so I had to ask my good neighbor to lower the volume, from some voices or talks he was listened to at that time, which seemed to be just in the wall, which is 54 inches away in front of my forehead.

i can of regret doing that, but it was helpful to get solutions, so I moved my desk to the opposite of the apartment, and got a new table for this setting in which I enjoy working. So when the noise come, I move.

My neighbor is a good guitar player, and he listen to music as well, of course. So when that is happening my strategy works.

I also have a guitar, and time by time such as time I liked to play my music in high decibels, at least for a while, until I synchronize myself back to work.

It might be my knowledge of guitar, which is basic, or it might be the settings in dorms, studios, and apartment over the last five year, to which I do not have complains, but I might inhibit playing the guitar often and singing loudly.

No, those are just pretext for avoiding a passion that I have, which is listening good music, and good vocals, and I need to declutter and organize my place so the harmony for the acoustics can flow, and the willing to play the guitar be back.

As a writer aficionado, and e-mail responder, I always wonder if music in keyboard instrument such the evolved harp, named piano, would be easier, but this is just a stupid comment.

It is time to get back to work. And I will try to keep the acoustics of my place alive, time to time.

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