Sun light to find goods and mistakes

Berkeley, Tuesday, May 11, 2021 8:58 PM

I would say I am not that sympathetic with many aphorisms in the Catholic books, neither with moralistic books, nor with supreficiality, and nor with the numbering each paragraph. The last is just about but it interrupts the flow of developing an argument, and going deeper into a content.

However, time by time there is always something interesting in those aphorism, which are often written in, likely a moment of reflection by the authors.

I just read the following quote in the book “Aim Higher” by St. Maximilian Kolbe, who I admire very much by not only his passion and productivity in life, but also by his kind sacrifice.

The quote was as follows:

“When we look at the atmosphere, it appears clean. Nevertheless how many tiny dust particles we see when a ray of the sun falls through a crack! The more our soul is enlightened by the grace of God, the more it sees its imperfections and perceives the number of them.” (Kolbe, 2007?, p 123)

The more products we send out, the more transparent we are, the more connected to our activities we are, the easier to find errors, mistakes, but also grace.

That is why imperfect, humble, and sincere people are not only good leaders and professors, but the ones who really make progress, because they can identify and acknowledge errors.


Kolbe, M. 2007 Aim Higher!: Spiritual and Marian reflections of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Translated from Polish by Fr. Dominic Wisz. Mary town Press. Fifth printing 2019

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