Time lost is never found again

Berkeley, Monday, May 10, 2021 6:03 PM

I just searched to who was attributed that quote, and it was to Benjamin Franklin. good. I will leave it to the common sense, and work force.

I am writing a document, but I have been procrastinated a lot. Once was my health worriedness [I don’t think this is a word, sorry], which it seems it is fine. At least, I am running well, eating well, etc.

I won’t go in to many details here, though, I would like to put back my laser detailed focusing on each of my actions per day. Why?

To have no excuses for nothing.

I have to move now to get food. I regret I learned to stream shows, which despite are good ones such as younger, some sports, some bird cams, animal documentaries, movies, and binge watching highlights and part of the games, results, and standings of sports such as soccer, nba, and formula 1. Time lost is never found again, but life continues, and so I must improve my discipline, and the tracking of actions, to have improvements.

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