Not represented by Lasso to this date

Berkeley, Monday, April 12, 2021 3:01 AM

With 96.28 percent of the votes processed in Ecuador for presidential elections, Guillermo Lasso is clearly the new winner of the elections. There are 413,337 votes yet to be counted, and the difference to the second candidate, Andres Arauz is already 415,156 votes.

Thus, 4.5 million Ecuadorians voted for Lasso, and 4.1 million for Arauz, or more realistically for the absent former President Correa.

I understand that the work for Arauz could have been hard to position himself as the torch carrying for a movement called the citizens’ revolution, which only with the name and some activity in youtube interviews and in twitter, both platforms, to which not necessary are the main source of information to many Ecuadorians, telling from a perspective of living many years already overseas, gave that movement 47.6% of the actual vote, or 39% of the vote if one counts all the eligible population who voted.

Correa’s party won in all the provinces of the coast, and the Northern province of the Amazon. In all the Ecuadorian mountains, the rest of the Amazon, and in Galapagos Lasso won.


In Ecuador, plenty or most of agriculture, livestock, fishing, and industries are in the Coast. It is true, that agriculture is distributed in the country according to its main products in the Coast, mountains, and some areas of the Amazon. And I do not have full information of the following, but I think that the larger agriculture producers by far are in the coast, and then with regard to other industries and the activities I mentioned above seems to be in the coast as well.

In Ecuador, there is often that believe that people in the mountains work harder than in the coast. It can be true, it is something I would like to confirm.

I think that Correa gave plenty of opportunity to academia throughout the country. He institutionalized the public services, making them more efficient, in my opinion than in prior governments.

It is clear to me that a strong government provides a direction to a territory to move in a direction. But if that government is controlled mainly by private companies, what is the sense of a representative flag from a territory that represent to many. The land of course provides opportunities, that is why I talked about agriculture, as food will be always our main activity. There is not one who can live just from services.

That is why I am curios if the fishermen, agriculture, and livestokers voted for Arauz or for Lasso. According to the land distribution in Ecuador, it is likely that they voted for the government view leaded by President Correa.

It is interesting that side of the population voted for the left in Ecuador, and they voted for Republicans in the United States. Again, this is my reading, as rural areas voted mainly for republicans in the last elections.

Caring about the environment and production is completely different to be an environmentalist. At the end, at least it is my position, I care more about humans, and so I care about the environment on which we live.

Why did Lasso won? I have to admit, it was hard to get to know to Arauz, and it was hard to know if he was legitime and had a clear vision of what does he represent.

I understand that the second letter of John in the Bible is against progressives.

Yet, progressive, it is for me the right way to lead a democracy. To lead a common project. Absolute freedom reducing the presence of government is wrong, as it leads to a lack of vision and to perhaps anarchy. On the other hand, a government must respect individual freedoms, provide security, provide the right to make opposition, and to educate a population as a local and global citizen.

I do not feel represented by the current elected authorities and moved by them while carrying either an Ecuadorian flag or signing the Ecuadorian anthem. And that is just how I felt today.

I also wrote this in pieces, as I define my politic views, which is the only think I think will continue evolving as I try to better understand democracy and governability, I am clearly a progressive thinker in governability, and who believes that traditional values will never pass away, which I really hope and think that is the best aspect to own and to pass to a next generation.

Yet, I have to say, I wish well to President Lasso. But I also fully understand now to citizens from other countries such as the United States in times of Trump, when they said about him not my president. I have to say I ended up appreciating many aspects from Trump government, and I also have to say I always saw it from a foreigner perspective rather than from a point of joining a fight of many centuries, but I might have some of that view or at least of that understanding after Lasso victory.

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